BabemRoze: Cosplay interview

BabemRoze: Cosplay interview

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BabemRoze AKA Emma Gallagher (known commonly as Rinny amongst her friends), has been cosplaying since May 2009 where she attended the London MCM Expo. Since then she has dressed in 38 different costumes. Emma has portrayed many different characters from a Female Mage Hawke (Dragon Age II) to Ariel (The Little Mermaid).

Q: Hello Emma, thank you for giving me the chance to interview you.

Emma: Not a problem!

Q: To start this interview off, could you let me know what cosplay means to you?

Emma: It means a lot to me. I was always bullied as a teen for liking anime or Disney at that age, so to be part of a community where it’s accepted is really nice.

Q: Do you feel the main reason you cosplay is to be part of the community or is it just for the enjoyment of dressing up as another character?

Emma: It’s a bit of both. I started out wanting to cosplay so many characters that I would make lists and lists for, but because I made such good friends that’s all changed. Now I’ve cosplayed characters I’d have never thought of doing before to fit in with a group, I find it a lot more fun cosplaying within a group than on my own.

Q: What is it about a group cosplay that makes it more fun than an individual one?

Emma: You look epic! *laughs* There’s something awesome about being part of a big group that makes you feel really included. Also the look on peoples faces when they see most of the characters from their favourite game or anime etc is brilliant. I think it’s also the really funny and awesome pictures you can get because you’ll know how the characters respond to each other.

Q: On the subject of pictures, it seems cosplayers get photographed a lot when they are in costume. How do you feel about people asking to take a photo of you? 

Emma: I don’t mind it at all. It can be awkward if you’re rushing somewhere or maybe resting but I feel honoured when people ask because it makes me feel like they think my outfit is good enough to be recorded.

Q: When it comes to the construction of cosplay itself, do you tend to buy your cosplays or do you make them? 

Emma: The majority of them I buy. I’d love to be able to make them from scratch but I need to build up some skills and I want to take some lessons in sewing and stuff. I’ve made a few I thought weren’t half bad but would still like to improve before getting onto the more complicated stuff.

Q: What is it that makes you want to start making costumes? Why not continue buying them?

Emma: Ummm, it’s mainly the pride you feel when you look at the work you’ve done and think “I made that!” and it’s a brilliant feeling. It also has benefits that you can enter competitions and masquerades which are always fun to do!

Q: Do you think that cosplayers who make their outfits are treated differently from those who buy them?

Emma: It’s hard to say. Some people don’t care but some others think the ones who buy their outfits are lazy and not “true cosplayers”. I can understand the frustration if someone who’s bought an outfit gets more praise for a good cosplay over those who made them, but it’s not really their fault in my opinion. I do think that everyone should try and make something at least once though.  

Q: You mentioned earlier about masquerades, have you entered any of these before? And if so, what has the experience been like?

Emma: I’ve been part of a few masquerade entries but only one competitive. I love doing them! The judging was difficult because I had to try and remember how I made certain parts of my outfit. I would definitely recommend taking photos or a step by step list. They can be nerve-wracking though but once you’ve been on the stage once you wanna go on again!

Q: Have you ever tripped over?

Emma: No, luckily! But I bet you’ve jinxed me now *laughs*

Q: When you participate in a competitive masquerade such as the one at MCM Expo, do you enter to win or just for the fun of it?

Emma: Just for the fun of it mainly. It would be awesome to win but if I don’t it’s not a big deal.

Q: Are you cosplaying at the next London MCM Expo in October? And if so, which character will you be?

Emma: I am, yes! I’ll be Belle from Beauty and the Beast on Friday. Isabela from Dragon Age 2 on Saturday and I haven’t decided about Sunday yet.

Q: Are there any big projects in the future that our readers should keep their eye out for from you?

Emma: I hope to do Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty! But it will be a long while away because it’s one I aspire to make from scratch so will probably drive me insane!

Thank you Emma for giving us the time to interview you. Looking forward to seeing your cosplays at the next London MCM Expo.


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