Marvel’s The Avengers Smashes Box Office Records

Marvel’s The Avengers Smashes Box Office Records

Marvel’s The Avengers Smashes Box Office Records

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If you thought the Hulk could smash, then get ready to see what a whole team of superheroes can pull off…

Marvel’s The Avengers posted the biggest US domestic opening weekend of all time with $207.4m (£130m) for 4-6 May 2012, The Walt Disney Studios was very proud to announce.

The super hero team-up crossed the $600m threshold at the global box office in just 12 days and racked up a cumulative worldwide box office gross estimated at $654.8m over the same period.

Proving it was no underpants-on-the-outside lame set of superheroes, the team came back to shatter more records in its second week, on its way to making $1bn globally!

Marvel’s The Avengers smashed the all-time second weekend US box office record with an estimated $103.2m in receipts.

The film passed the $300m mark on Saturday May 12, its ninth day of release, also setting a new industry record.

Globally, Marvel’s The Avengers is poised to break the $1bn mark today – 13 May 2012 – which is its 19th day of release, making it one of only 12 films in history to reach that milestone.

The film has now earned an estimated $373.2 million at the US domestic box office and $628.9 million internationally.

“Marvel’s The Avengers is something we’ve been carefully building toward since we began production on the first Iron Man film, and it is quite rewarding for all of us that The Avengers is appealing around the globe to both passionate fans and general audiences alike,” producer Kevin Feige said sounding somewhat muted.

“It is a testament to all involved with this film that audiences across the board are embracing the film in this record-setting way.”

“We’re obviously thrilled with the global success of The Avengers,” added Robert A Iger, Disney’s Chairman and CEO, sounding anything but as thrilled as he should be. “It’s a fantastic movie and an extraordinary franchise that will continue with more great stories and compelling characters for years to come.”

Way to get excited guys!


  1. Baim
    20 June 2012, 20:59 Baim

    Marvel has a 44% approval rate as far as I am crnoecned, but their failures are stronger than their wins.The good:Spidey 1 & possibly 2 (horrible MJ)X-Men 1 & 2 (Horrible Storm & bad Wolvie)Blade 1 maybe 2Hulk 2 (but they did Ed Norton dirty)Iron Man everything else sucked..really sucked.I have ALWAYS MADE MINE MARVELThis stuff sucks Dd, Electra, FFs, Punisher, Sequels of Spidey and X-MenI hope the don’t ruin everything the old guys created by getting so excited by money.

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  2. Martin
    18 June 2012, 17:02 Martin

    I have to say I was both surprised and dihlgeted that the Helicarrier got so much screen time. It’s such an utterly loopy concept*, and the fact that the moviemakers didn’t just use it but spent nearly half the movie aboard it was wonderful. I think this is why the Marvel movies have done so well: the people making them aren’t ashamed of doing comic-book movies. They don’t try to apologize for or minimize the crazy-ass stuff, they jump in gleefully and wallow in it!*Note, for instance, that one of the runway decks ends right at one of the giant lifting turbines, so planes using that runway presumably get sucked down to their doom.

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