Facejacker and Fonejacker movie in development

Facejacker and Fonejacker movie in development

Facejacker and Fonejacker movie in development

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The man behind the Fonejacker and Facejacker TV series is planning a movie version combining elements of both projects.

“Let me tell you now, world exclusive on Radio One, One, One,” Kayvan Novak told Vernon Kay this weekend, “We’re going to do a Facejacker movie.”

The Four Lions star said nothing had been finalised yet but it was unlikely to be shot in the UK.

“How we’re going to do it we’re not sure. But we’re thinking where in the world is left to jack? And we’re thinking Australia, we’re thinking Europe and we’re thinking Northern Ireland,” Novak added.

Novak said the most recent TV series of Facejacker had been filmed in America so the pranks could still be shot undercover, “because I can’t really walk down the street as Brian Badonde without someone going, ‘Bwark’.”

He also revealed that the film project will come at the expense of a new Facejacker TV series.

“Doing a series of Facejacker takes about nine months. It’s pretty intense,” Novak said. “We figure we’re going to take all that energy and put it into making a movie. It’s going to have Fonejacking and Facejacking and it’s going to have a story of some kind with maybe even a Hollywood star in there as well.”

The balaclava-clad ‘telephone terrorist’ told The Sun back in September 2008 that “if anything, he wants to do a film version”. A petition on social networking site Facebook has also been calling for a Brian Badonde movie since April 2011.

Radio One DJ Kaye suggested signing up Leonardo DiCaprio as “he’s cheap”.

“He is very cheap. Not busy. He’s quiet. It’s gone downhill for him, old Leo,” joked Novak.

He also revealed that it takes a huge amount of pranks before there are enough that are considered funny to be used on the show.

“[It takes] a lot. Maybe 300 for every 10 good ones,” he said.

While they’re waiting for the movie, fans can see more of one of Novak’s creations.

“We’re also doing a Terry Tibbs chat show in August,” he announced.

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