Tron Legacy is big on 3D

Tron Legacy is big on 3D

Tron Legacy is big on 3D

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The release of Tron Legacy begs the question: is 3D Blu-ray finally on the rise? 

Tron Legacy has become the first ever title to receive more 3D Blu-ray pre-orders than regular Blu-ray or DVD pre-orders on

John Boumphrey, director of DVD and Music at, confirmed that it had received 40 per cent more pre-orders than the DVD format and twice as many pre-orders as the regular Blu-ray format.

“3D has been increasing in popularity in recent years at the cinema and in the home with 3D televisions and 3D videogames consoles but this is the first time we have seen a 3D version of a movie title outstrip all other formats. It could prove to be a tipping point in popularity of 3D entertainment at home,” Boumphrey said.

Tron Legacy is released on 3D Blu-ray & 2D & digital copy, on Blu-ray & DVD and on DVD in the UK on 18 April.

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