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London Vs Seoul with a world champion dance battle at London Korean Festival (0)

With the London Korean Festival being held in Trafalgar Square on Sunday August 9th, Korean culture fans have been celebrating the news of S.M. Entertainment’s girl group F(x) as well as

F(X), Guckkasten and Jinjo Crew headline at The London Korean Festival (0)

We previously reported that South Korea would be making an appearance in Trafalgar Square on August 9th 2015 with the announcement of The London Korean Festival, which is being held by

Review: The Sweeney

Review: The Sweeney (6)

Thatfilmthing asked genuine Cockney geezer, Mark Gillman, to jump in the classic Ford Granada and screech down to the multiplex to review The Sweeney. Where’s the popcorn, you slaaaaags?!?! As