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The Orville S01E12 ‘Mad Idolatry’ (0)

An impossible planet and an impossible choice >>>

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The flat truth is, this episode’s great >>>

The Orville S01E10 “Firestorm” REVIEW (0)

Humans, ah yes, the hillbillies of the galaxy >>>

The Orville S01E09 Cupid’s Dagger” REVIEW (2)

A peace negotiation gets complicated…and weirdly sexy >>>

The Orville S01E08 “Into The Fold” REVIEW (2)

Road trip to Hell >>>

The Orville S01E07 “Majority Rule” REVIEW (0)

Click, like, subscribe OR DIE >>>

The Orville S01E06 “Krill” REVIEW (0)

Deep cover. TERRIBLE jokes >>>

The Orville S01E05 “Pria” REVIEW (0)

A good turn lands the Orville’s crew in danger>>>

The Orville S01E04 “If The Stars Should Appear” REVIEW (2)

A great cover version of an overplayed song >>>