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Hello Kitty debuts as a YouTuber (0)

She’s always wanted to go on YouTube >>>

Aggretsuko renewed for a second season on Netflix (0)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh >>>

Sanrio’s Aggretsuko gets a Netflix trailer and release date (0)

She relieves stress by singing to death metal >>>

PUMA to release Hello Kitty PUMA Suede trainers (0)

The collaboration includes a t-shirt, hoodie and cap >>>

Sanrio Boys trailer previews theme song (0)

Series to air in January 2018 >>>

Sanrio’s Aggretsuko to get her own Netflix series (0)

She likes singing along to death metal >>>

Hello Kitty Barbie doll up for pre-order (0)

The kawaii Barbie doll you have been waiting for >>>

A new trailer for Sanrio Boys (0)

A series about a group of high school guys that really like Sanrio. >>>