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Broadchurch Series 2 episode 8 review (0)

WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD. The finale of the second series of Broadchurch has finally arrived. After eight weeks, everything comes to an end. While the series 1 finale of Broadchurch

Broadchurch Series 2 episode 7 review (0)

WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD The penultimate episode of Broadchurch series 2 is upon us and while it isn’t as strong as its predecessor in series 1, this one is still

Broadchurch Series 2 episode 6 review (0)

The second series of Broadchurch is nearing its end and while last week’s episode was a strong comeback for the series, unfortunately episode six is not as strong. The episode

Broadchurch Series 2 episode 5 review (0)

Episode five of Broadchurch has arrived and there is only one word to describe the episode