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Uwe Boll rips Kickstarter a new one

Uwe Boll rips Kickstarter a new one (0)

Uwe Boll’s Facebook followers will have seen his latest video update, which he sarcastically tagged with the message, “as you see —-i’m in a very very good mood.” Still, you

Creators of Time Of Eve Launch Kickstarter for International Blu-ray (0)

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to release an international Blu-ray edition of Yasuhiro Yoshiura’s Time Of Eve film. Pied Piper, DIRECTIONS, and Studio Rikka are the companies that helped to

Zach Braff Uses Kickstarter to Fund His New Film (0)

Following the success of Rob Thomas’s Veronica Mars film Kickstarter campaign, Zach Braff (Garden State) has decided to turn to the public for help to raise funds for a new film. Wish