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Esprit D’Air release new single Calling You (0)

European tour this September >>>

Esprit D’Air release new single Starstorm (0)

They will be touring the UK this February >>>

Esprit D’Air’s new music video for Ignition (0)

Start your weekend by checking out Ignition. >>>

Esprit D’Air Announce Constellations Tour For 2018 (0)

Esprit D’Air have announced a huge UK tour to take place in 2018. >>>

Esprit D’Air Announce New Single Guiding Light (0)

“Inside each human there is a Guiding Light, it leads us through the journey that is life.” >>>

Esprit D’Air Releases Comeback Single “Rebirth” (0)

Stop what you are doing and check out Esprit D’Air’s comeback single Rebirth. >>>

Esprit D’Air Reveals Artwork for Forthcoming Single, “Rebirth” (0)

New artwork for Rebirth and a two-date release show. >>>

Esprit D'Air to headline Origami: A Charity Gig (0)

11 March will mark five years since the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan that left the