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Catherine: Full Body gets a US and European release date (0)

Launch Edition and Premium Edition also available >>>

Catherine: Full Body is coming to the west for PS4 only (0)

Original game out now on Steam >>>

Catherine Classic teased on Bayonetta Steam page (0)

Could the peculiar life-sim be coming to PC? >>>

Atlus releases Persona 5 R teaser trailer (0)

More information coming in March 2019 >>>

Persona 5 Funko POP coming in 2019 (0)

Joker, Morgana, Ryuji and Ann figures to be released >>>

Pixie Late on Cosplay, Persona and Futaba Sakura (0)

To coincide with Persona Endless Night Collection >>>

Dragon’s Crown Pro character trailer shows each one in action (0)

Released in the US and Europe this May >>>

Dragons Crown Pro has a release date for Europe and the US (0)

You can also send Dragon’s Crown Valentine’s cards >>>

Atlus announce Catherine: Full Body for PS4 and PSVita (0)

Does life begin or end at marriage? >>>