Nintendo to release Dr. Mario World for iOS and Android

Nintendo to release Dr. Mario World for iOS and Android

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Nintendo has announced that they are collaborating with LINE Corporation to co-develop the action puzzle game Dr. Mario World for iOS and Android.

Dr. Mario was originally released for the NES and GameBoy back in 1990, where we saw Mario’s side job as a doctor getting rid of viruses by throwing colourful capsules at them. When four or more capsules and viruses are matched together, they disappear. The game was later ported for the SNES and then remade as Dr. Mario 64 for the N64. The latest iteration is Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure for the 3DS.

In a press release, Nintendo revealed Dr. Mario World will be free to download, however, it appears that this will not be a straight port, since the game also includes the option of making in-app purchases. They plan to release the game worldwide in 60 countries, aiming for the summer of 2019. Who knows… maybe it’ll have reworked versions of Hirokazu Tanaka’s crazy themes from the NES original too.

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