UK Anime Round-Up 3-9 December: DanMachi, Digimon & Dragon Ball GT

UK Anime Round-Up 3-9 December: DanMachi, Digimon & Dragon Ball GT

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In a week that sees My Hero Academia: Two Heroes storm into UK cinemas, Manga Entertainment is also showing two other popular shonen franchises some love, with Dragon Ball and Digimon both garnering chunky new collections.

Hitting stores alongside the dramatic finale of the Digimon Adventure tri. film series, Our Future, Manga UK is releasing Digimon Adventure Tri: The Complete Movie Collection. Out on Blu-ray and DVD, the box set features all six films in Toei Animation’s most recent foray into the world of the DigiDestined, created to celebrate the franchise’s 15th anniversary.

Also making its debut this week is the DVD-only Dragon Ball GT Season 1 & 2 Collection, which features a whopping 64 episodes of the late ‘90s series, as well as TV special A Hero’s Legacy. The anime-original sequel to the more famous Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT sees Goku accidentally turned back into a child by his old enemy Emperor Pilaf.

Meanwhile, MVM’s trio of new titles have a fantasy vibe, with Granblue Fantasy Part 2 hitting Blu-ray and DanMachi spin-off Sword Oratoria snagging a standard DVD and Blu-ray release. Continuing A-1 Pictures’ adaptation of Cygames’ mobile RPG, the second half of  Granblue Fantasy sees Gran and the crew land in the beautiful-but-troubled Auguste Isles, while Sword Oratoria retells the main story of J.C.Staff show Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? from the perspective of Bell Cranel’s crush, Aiz Wallenstein.

Fantasy of the magical girl variety awaits in MVM’s standard Blu-ray edition of Flip Flappers. Studio 3Hz’s yuri-themed show centres on ordinary Japanese schoolgirl Cocona, whose über-energetic new friend Papika whisks her off to the fantastic world of Pure Illusion to retrieve wish-granting gems for the mysterious Flip Flap organisation.

Finally for this week, Anime Limited brings us the meaty Tokyo Ghoul Collection, a limited edition Blu-ray release featuring the first two seasons of Pierrot’s cannibal horror, as well as the Jack and Pinto OVAs. The new collection also comes with a 40-page ‘Art Gallery’ booklet containing art from Seasons 1 and 2, the OVAs and magazine illustrations.

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