Trailer for recut Once Upon A Deadpool

Trailer for recut Once Upon A Deadpool

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It was announced back in September that 20 Century Fox would be re-releasing Deadpool 2 on the big screen, recut with a more friendly PG-13 rating in the US, as well as including additional scenes. Going by the name Once Upon A Deadpool, the film will also be making its way to the UK too, but not as a 12A.

It was revealed by Deadline that the film will be back on the big screen for a limited time. Most of the new footage involves a parody of the bedtime story set-up from The Princess Bride, with that film’s star, Fred Savage, being told the story of the sequel by Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool.

However, while this more family-friendly version will also be released in the UK, it was revealed by Empire that Once Upon a Deadpool has been certified a 15 by the BBFC (the same age rating given to the theatrical cut of Deadpool 2). According to the BBFC, the film runs at 117 minutes (two minutes shorter than the theatrical cut) and has acquired a 15 for “strong violence, crude humour.” It would appear that in the UK, even with additional cuts, you just can’t release a family friendly version of Deadpool.

Once Upon A Deadpool is released in the UK for one night only on 11 December 2018. You can find out of it’s showing near you and book tickets by clicking here.

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