Tabletop racer Rallyman: GT speeds onto Kickstarter

Tabletop racer Rallyman: GT speeds onto Kickstarter

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Rallyman: GT, an updated take on cult classic car racing board game Rallyman, is currently live on Kickstarter from Holy Grail Games. With original designer Jean-Christophe Bouvier onboard, the French publisher is giving the out-of-print 2009 title a tune up, adding a more flexible hexagonal tile-based track building system, additional rules for head-to-head racing and good-looking new artwork by Loïc Muzy.

Featuring larger scale tracks and cars than its predecessor, Rallyman: GT sees 1-6 players putting the pedal to the metal via a simple but strategic push-your-luck dice mechanic – drive to slowly and your rivals will leave you languishing in the dust, but roll too many warning symbols or take a corner to quickly and you’ll spin out and crash.

Add chrome such as pit stops, tyre choice and changeable weather conditions, and Rallyman: GT is shaping up to be a fun tabletop racing experience for newcomers and veterans alike. And fans of the old Rallyman needn’t worry – despite the new focus on multiplayer, Holy Grail Games has confirmed that the original solo mode will also be back with full support.


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