Undertale creator releases new game, Deltarune

Undertale creator releases new game, Deltarune

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How’s this for something on your quiet Wednesday afternoon? Undertale creator, Toby Fox, has just announced and released a new game called Deltarune – and it’s sent the internet into a bit of a tizzy.

The mysterious (and free) new release is currently being picked apart on Reddit by those who have already downloaded it. Going by what’s been discussed so far, commenters are debating whether Deltarune is a prequel or a sequel to Undertale. It seems there are strong arguments both ways right now.

Elsewhere, if the original Undertale is installed in its default directory, it seems the download modifies the files while also adding new content and checking for which game ending you obtained.

Other things players have noticed is that the download adds 27 new tracks to the game’s OST, checks if you have a ‘tainted genocide run’ save game and also checks the current date/time on boot. Very, very intriguing indeed.

Also, Deltarune is an anagram of Undertale. Hmm.

Either way, this is a fascinating surprise release from a developer who is known for some unique, fourth-wall breaking curios. We’ll be diving straight into this over the coming days.

You can download Deltarune for free on PC right now.

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