Hit board game Scythe’s digital edition launches on Steam

Hit board game Scythe’s digital edition launches on Steam

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The full digital version of smash hit board game Scythe is now available on Steam, giving PC gamers the chance to dominate the snowy landscapes of Eastern Europe with their cunning strategies, economic strength and – of course – giant stompy robots.

A faithful adaptation of Stonemaier Games’ 2015 Kickstarter success, the Asmodee Digital-published Scythe is a 4X style strategy title that places a premium on asymmetry and engine-building. Also available for Mac, the game is set in an alternate 1920’s Eastern Europe; a war-ravaged world brought to life by Jakub Rozalski’s evocative illustrations, where massive diesel-punk mechs tower over pastoral scenes of peasants taking in the harvest.

Selecting from five factions – the Saxony Empire, Crimean Khanate, Rusviet Union, Polania Republic and Nordic Kingdom – players will begin the game with different resources, a secret objective and a starting location that presents each nation with its own unique set of challenges. And despite all those awesome mechs, military might is by no means the only path to victory, with carefully-planned worker placement, resource gathering and economy building all vital elements of Scythe’s low-luck, Euro-style gameplay.

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