Girls und Panzer director takes to the air with new anime series

Girls und Panzer director takes to the air with new anime series

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The latest anime project from Girls und Panzer director Tsutomu Mizushima trades girls in WWII tanks for girls in fighter planes, Kōya no Kotobuki Hikōtai’s first teaser trailer reveals.

Variously rendered in English as Kotobuki Squadron in the Wilderness and Kotobuki: The Wasteland Squadron, the upcoming series is set to premiere on Japanese TV in January, with an accompanying mobile game slated for Q4 2019.

Written by Michiko Yokote (Prison School, Shirobako), the show stars a group of six girls who fly Second World War vintage Japanese fighters – we get a glimpse of a Ki-43 Hayabusa in the new trailer – with the action unsurprisingly focusing on air combat.

While further details will be announced at the Tokyo Game Show later this month, Kotobuki’s official website and Twitter have already unveiled the main voice cast, with Sayumi Suzushiro as protagonist Kirie, Eri Yukimura as Enma, Asami Seto as Leona, Hibiku Yamamura as Zara, Miyu Tomita as Chika and former AKB48 member Sayaka Nakaya as Kate.

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