Until Dawn developers announce horror game anthology The Dark Pictures

Until Dawn developers announce horror game anthology The Dark Pictures

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Supermassive Games, the folks behind the fun and somewhat kitschy choose-your-own-adventure horror game Until Dawn, have announced a new anthology series of spooky games entitled The Dark Pictures.

The first episode, which will be called Man of Medan, follows four young Americans and a local boat captain as they go on a diving trip in search of the location of a World War 2 wreckage. However, the gang get caught up in a storm – and they find something much more sinister beneath the surface.

If you’ve played Until Dawn, you’ll know that means each of the game’s characters will be thrown into countless life or death situations, with the actions you take and the choices you make deciding their outcome. In the trailer, we see all sorts of nasty and clingy undead monstrosities await them.

Replayability is a word thrown around a lot in the announcement, with Supermassive promising all sorts of branching storylines, different paths and multiple endings to be seen on subsequent playthroughs.

As for other episodes in The Dark Pictures anthology, each one will be completely standalone, featuring different characters, settings and storylines.

The Dark Pictures – Man of Medan is scheduled for release on PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2019.

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