MCM Scotland scores six Walking Dead cast for September

MCM Scotland scores six Walking Dead cast for September

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MCM Scotland seems to be prepping for the zombie apocalypse, today announcing no fewer than six guests from hit horror drama The Walking Dead for next month’s SEC Glasgow show. Khary Payton, Madison Lintz, Macsen Lintz, Jayson Warner Smith, Joshua Mikel and Lew Temple will be appearing on both days of the 22-23 September event.

Khary Payton (Teen Titans, Justice League Action) stars as King Ezekiel in the seventh and eighth seasons of The Walking Dead. The self-proclaimed monarch of a community known as The Kingdom, the tiger-owning Ezekiel is a good-hearted man faking an over-the-top regal persona to give his ‘subjects’ a figurehead to believe in.

Jayson Warner Smith (Rectify, The Birth of a Nation) and Joshua Mikel (Nashville, Hindsight) both appeared as members of the Saviors – a group of heavily-armed survivors that is threatening The Kingdom. Smith played charismatic tyrant Negan’s outpost leader Gavin while Mikel was brutal bully Jared, one of series’ nastiest characters to date.

Macsen Lintz (Under the Dome) appears in the show as Henry, the younger brother of one of Jared’s victims, determined to get revenge against the Saviors despite his youth. Meanwhile, his real-life older sister Madison Lintz (Bosch) also starred in The Walking Dead, portraying Sophia Peletier in the opening two seasons of AMC’s zombie blockbuster.

Lew Temple (Unstoppable, The Devil’s Rejects) played Axel in The Walking Dead’s third season. Small-time crook Axel is trapped in West Georgia Correctional Facility when the zombie apocalypse breaks out. Initially distrusted by Rick, Axel eventually becomes a fully-fledged member of his group… only to get unceremoniously sniped by The Governor.

Tickets to MCM Scotland Comic Con are available here.

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