Life is Strange 2 – watch the debut gameplay footage

Life is Strange 2 – watch the debut gameplay footage

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Dontnod has fully revealed Life is Strange 2, while also releasing the opening 20 minutes of the debut episode to season two.

Following on from this month’s teaser trailer, we now have a better idea of what happened to Officer Matthews as he responded to a fight breaking out during one of his patrols – unfortunately, it’s not great news.

Before that troubling incident, however, we’re introduced to the protagonist of Life is Strange 2, Sean Diaz. He’s a young schoolkid living with his dad and his younger brother Daniel, and when we join him at the start of the game he’s getting prepared for a party where he hopes to hook up with his crush.

The above footage shows him getting ready for the party, dealing with typical teenage anxieties and chatting with his dad and brother – all fairly mundane stuff and not a hint of time-rewinding in sight. The supernatural does seep into events, though, when a tragic incident forces Daniel to exert some kind of kinetic power that blasts the surrounding area. Strange, indeed!

Terrified of the damage caused, Sean and Daniel decide to flee, thus kicking off the road trip across the USA that forms the basis for Life is Strange 2. According to Dontnod, the choices you make as Sean on this treacherous journey can influence the younger Daniel and their relationship plays an integral part in the story.

If that’s enough to get you hooked you won’t have to wait much longer for more. Episode one of Life is Strange 2 will be released for PS4, Xbox One and PC on September 27.

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