Latest Nintendo Direct reveals more Super Smash Bros. Ultimate info

Latest Nintendo Direct reveals more Super Smash Bros. Ultimate info

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Last night the house of Mario debuted a new Nintendo Direct focusing on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and revealed a whole host of new info on the upcoming fighter. The full video is posted below, but we’ve also summarised all the key announcements.

The first is a collaboration with Castlevania, which will bring Simon Belmont and his signature whip to the Nintendo brawler. His echo fighter, Richter Belmont, will also join the fray. We also saw Donkey Kong’s King K.Rool will be a playable fighter, while Chrom from Fire Emblem and Dark Samus will be added as two other echo fighters.

Nintendo also went into more detail about the game’s 103 stages, which includes the new Dracula’s Castle arena. That pretty much brings every stage from the past games together in one place.

Another cool new feature is the game’s music player. This will allow you to listen to the over 800 tracks included in the game and you’ll even be able to create playlists to enjoy all the music while you’re on the go, pretty much turning your Switch into a portable audio player!

Lastly, Nintendo announced a limited edition of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The bumper box contains a copy of the game, a Super Smash Bros. edition of the classic GameCube controller and a Nintendo GameCube Controller adapter.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches for Nintendo Switch on December 7.

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  1. Henry Collins
    14 August 2018, 20:04 Henry Collins

    Omg. This game is going to be amazing. Nintendo is full throttle with this one.

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