K-Music Week In Review: BTS, FTIsland, D-Crunch and more

K-Music Week In Review: BTS, FTIsland, D-Crunch and more

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Our Weekly K-music Review posts are here to give you a helping hand and a quick look back to the notable releases from Korean artists in a weekly format. This article looks at releases and comebacks from 3 August – 9 August 2018.

Giriboy, Kid Milli, No:EL, Swings – Flex
Released: 3 August

Collaborations are a huge thing within the K-hip-hop world, especially if you want to explore a new style or work with some of your favourite artists. Seeing legends within the scene collaborating just fills us with warmth and happiness. Not taking things too seriously, the music video is bright, fun and has a great relaxed vibe with summer fun at its base. The song has many different tempos, styles and certainly shows each of the artist’s personality and performance styles. The song is wholesome, the video is great and it’s a great song to start the week off.

FTisland – Paradise
Released: 4 August

We are suckers for great live vocals and talented music makers and FTisland has never let us down with great performances. Even now with their Korean version of the song Paradise, we are completely smitten with them. Using a drum box, acoustic and electric guitars, and serenading us with controlled husky vocals, the band proved their talents as genuine performers once again. There is something completely personal about a recorded live performance from a group you haven’t heard from in a while, and you really feel their connection to their fans. Although there is a sad undertone to the song, don’t let it deter you from listening to and appreciating good music.

Weki Meki – Love Diamond
Released: 4 August

Sharing their voice for the K-drama ID: Gangnam Beauty, Weki Meki has finally got the recognition that they deserve for their vocals. As controversial as it may sound, girl groups in K-pop don’t get as much attention for their singing skills. So it is a nice surprise and a welcome difference seeing the group as a whole rather than just their strongest vocalists. The love song is soft, cute and slightly upbeat, a perfect fit for the music video that shares some cute and quirky moments throughout the drama.

TWLV – Bodytalk (PROD. The Need)
Released: 5 August

Taking things back to the underground scene, there is something about a modern rendition of a classic retro sound. This is something that TWLV has accomplished with the latest release of Bodytalk. Unfortunately, there isn’t a music video to go along with the track, which is a great mix of English and Korean lyrics; one of those you expect to hear on the popular Instagram or YouTube videos where it’s aesthetically pleasing and inspiring. Summer is casually coming to an end, and with the heatwaves throughout the world, this song is better for those warm and cool nights where you can chill out with friends with some cold drinks and have a laugh. It is certainly a song to be shared with those you hold close.

D-Crunch – Palace
Released: 6 August

With the hype and build up of wanting to be the next BTS in the K-pop industry, there is certainly a resemblance here to when BTS first debuted. In fact, there are moments where it feels like we are looking at a never before seen video. But we are not about to compare them fully to another group, as they certainly deserve recognition for their own skills. The song is certainly powerful, and we can see the direction they are wanting to go, but there are some unstable vocals throughout that makes us feel that a little more time is needed to fine-tuning the vocals. Some of the rappers are spot on with their rhythm and style. The music video is also simple yet great for concentrating on the members instead of a flashy debut. At the stage they are with this first release, there is a lot of growth to get through. Not that they are bad in any way. In fact, we look forward to what they have coming for us in the future.

Stray Kids – My Pace
Released: 6 August

Another boy group who are continuously hyped up but never seem to hit the mark fully are JYP’s boy group Stray Kids. This time there is something a lot different about their song release and the members themselves. Proving that time and dedication can fully pay off within the music industry, Stray Kids have come back with a powerful mix of upbeat and fast rapping, hard bass, controlled singing vocals and a narrative story. It seems to be one of those songs that you just can’t help getting involved with (the “Nananana nananana” chorus certainly got us clapping and singing along). Again it’s so great to see their growth, and we look forward to what they have up their sleeves in the future.

BTS (Jin) – Love Yourself Answer: Epiphany
Released: 9 August

Although technically not a single release, this is the teaser song for BTS’s new album Love yourself: Answer, but in the same style as the previous Love Yourself albums, the vocal members of the group have released a teaser solo song. This time it was Jin’s turn to wow his fans and the audience with compassionate soft vocals. A lot of people state Jin doesn’t have good enough vocals to be a K-pop idol, but hopefully, this release will prove that there is a lot more to Jin than meets the eye. Of course, the music video is another puzzle piece to their ever-growing storytelling music videos of the past, and it certainly has us ready and waiting for the release of the final stage of their Love Yourself adventure.

Those were the reviews for this week, Be sure to check back to us next Friday for song releases between  10-16 August 2018

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