Here’s thirty minutes of glorious Doom Eternal gameplay footage

Here’s thirty minutes of glorious Doom Eternal gameplay footage

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Bethesda has given us the best weekend gift of all: nearly thirty minutes of gameplay footage for upcoming FPS sequel Doom Eternal. Watch it below in all its glory.

Unveiled at QuakeCon on Friday, the follow up to one of 2016’s best games and one of the best shooters in recent memory is looking like a bigger and brasher version of its previous self.

Over the course of the debut, we get to see the new look Doomslayer, who can now dash, sports a grappling hook and also wields one heck of a sharp blade on his arm. All of these new tools are put to effect instantly, showing off how in Doom Eternal you’ll be able to pull yourself across arenas to enemies and spike the squishiest bits of demons in new glory kills.

After a steady intro, the footage dials it up a notch to hit us with that lightning-fast shooting we’ve come to expect from “NuDoom”. Some of the game’s new stages look phenomenal too – much larger and more detailed than anything we’ve seen previously.

In a neat twist, the trailer ends with a tease of the new ‘Invasion’ mechanic. This, much like a similar system in Dark Souls, will allow players to enter your game as a demon and try to defeat you as you fend them off. More than one player can invade at a time, which should surely make for some intense moments throughout the game.

There’s currently no release date for Doom Eternal, though we expect it to arrive in 2019.

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