Here’s the first teaser trailer for Life is Strange 2

Here’s the first teaser trailer for Life is Strange 2

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Square Enix and DONTNOD have released a teaser trailer for Life is Strange 2, the follow up to their emotive and powerful story-focused adventure series.

The extremely short, minute-long clip takes us onto the car dashboard of police officer K. Matthews during one of his patrols. It begins as a fairly innocuous drive through town, until the beat cop pulls over to deal with a fight that’s broken out off camera. We hear some words being exchanged and then a mysterious force steadily starts to shake the surrounding area.

Suddenly, that force is unleashed, sending Matthews and his patrol car tumbling across the road. As the game’s logo fades in we hear more cops responding to the peculiar incident.

So, while we don’t have a clear idea of exactly what happened, given this is Life is Strange we can expect some degree of supernatural powers to be involved. What we do know, however, is that a set of new characters will be the focus of the sequel, including Chris from the Life is Strange 2 prequel, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. He has dreams of being a superhero, so could this video be showing his powers coming into reality?

Fortunately, we won’t be left speculating for too long, as Life is Strange 2 will be fully unveiled on August 20. As for the five-episode series itself, episode 1 will debut on September 27 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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