Hello Kitty debuts as a YouTuber

Hello Kitty debuts as a YouTuber

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Likely following in the footsteps of other virtual YouTubers such as Ai Kizuna, Kaguya Luna and Sakura Fujima (Sally Amaki), Sanrio has decided to make Hello Kitty a YouTuber, with the mascot having launched her own channel and put out her first video.

In the video, Hello Kitty introduces herself and explains that she’s actually a veteran at Sanrio and that she told everyone in the company that she wanted to go on YouTube, only for them to tell her, “Kitty, the Internet is dangerous.” But she didn’t give up and wanted to try something new.

As well as revealing that sometimes she Google’s herself (she comes across people saying that Hello Kitty will “do anything”), and apologising for sounding like a robot, she also says that it would be fun to have some of her friends appear on YouTube with her. So we might see other Sanrio characters making an appearance too, with Kitty mentioning Gudetama, Kirimi-chan and Koro-chan.

Kitty admits that she’s still wondering what she’s going to do on her YouTube channel in the future, but she wants to try lots of things. Hopefully one of those things doesn’t involve collaborating with one her friends in a silly prank that goes wrong only for Kitty to upload a long apology video.

This preview shows that there’s a lot Kitty likes to do, hinting at what we might expect in future videos. We already know her love for apple pie, but we see that she also likes drumming, skateboarding, basketball, tennis, taking selfies and… flying drones.

If you want to see what she gets up to then you can visit Hello Kitty’s YouTube channel.

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