First Man, new trailer dials up the drama of the Apollo 11 mission

First Man, new trailer dials up the drama of the Apollo 11 mission

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The first trailer for First Man looked phenomenal…and this one looks even better, dialing up the drama of all the events that lead up the incredible launch of Apollo 11.

Written by Oscar-winning Spotlight and The Post co-writer Josh Singer, the film is based on a book by James R. Hansen and chronicles the story of NASA’s mission to land a man on the moon, focusing on Neil Armstrong between the years of 1961 and 1969. Ryan Gosling fills the role of Armstrong in the film, with Emmy-winning The Crown actress Claire Foy playing Armstrong’s wife Janet.

We also get a much closer look at Corey Stoll playing Buzz Aldrin. How that relationship is portrayed will be particularly interesting. As the Apollo 11 Command Module Pilot Michael Collins (played by Lukas Haas – the kid from Witness, can you believe that?!) once said, Aldrin was more upset about not being the first man to step on the moon than he was happy about actually being able to go.

When First Man debuted footage at CinemaCon in April, director Damien Chazelle told audiences that the film would not only look at Armstrong’s first steps on the moon but his personal life leading up to that moment, with a particular interest in his family life and “difficult marriage.”

What is of interest is how the risk of man’s greatest endeavor is being focussed on with this movie. Indeed, landing on the moon was the most significant achievement of the human race so far. Perhaps this spur others to realize how the momentum of space exploration has slowed since then.

Time to rewatch the excellent mini-series From The Earth To The Moon and The Right Stuff with Apollo 13 thrown in for good measure.

First Man opens October 12th.

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