Watch Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake in live action Uncharted short film

Watch Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake in live action Uncharted short film

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Nathan Fillion to star as Nathan Drake was the one piece of dream casting fans have been calling for since it was first announced that a film based on Sony and Naughty Dog’s pulp action-adventure series Uncharted was in development.

Now, while that may never happen on the big screen, we at least have this fantastic short film to thank for bringing the fantasy to life.

The surprisingly tight and wonderfully executed fan film comes courtesy of Allan Ungar, a Canadian director, producer and screenwriter who is best known for the action thriller Gridlocked. He’s clearly brought his flair for a fight scene to the Uncharted short and the writing also does an excellent job of capturing Nate’s cocky tone in even the most disastrous situations.

While we’re all enjoying this, however, there is a fully-fledged Uncharted movie adaptation still in development, despite years and years of setbacks with cast and crew changes.

It seems like the film is finally starting to come together, though, with Tom Holland signed on to star as a younger Nathan Drake in what will be a prequel to the games. Shooting was supposed to start in January of last year, but further script rewrites pushed that date back again.

For now, just keep hitting repeat on this and pine for what could have been.

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