UK Anime round-up 23-29 July: hill racin’, sword swingin’ mecha madness

UK Anime round-up 23-29 July: hill racin’, sword swingin’ mecha madness

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This week’s UK anime release schedule sees MVM Entertainment in pole position, heading out on the highway with Initial D Legend 3: Dream.

The final film in the Legend trilogy – you can see what we thought of its predecessors here and hereInitial D Legend 3: Dream sees boy racer Takumi gearing up to take on the skilful, cool-headed Ryosuke Takahashi, older brother of Keisuke and founder of the Akagi RedSuns. Oh, and he’s got his budding romance with sexy schoolgirl Natsuki to sort out too, we guess, but the car is most definitely the star of this fast-paced racing reboot.

Also out from MVM this week is the six-disc Nobunaga the Fool Collection on DVD. Having released the Satelight series in two parts by last year, MVM’s new box set brings together all 24 episodes of this bonkers mecha fantasy from the mind of Macross creator Shōji Kawamori. Ever wanted to see Oda Nobunaga and Leonardo da Vinci battle King Arthur and Julius Caesar in giant robots? Nobunaga the Fool has you covered.

Meanwhile, Anime Limited reaches back to 2007 to bring us Sword of the Stranger, Studio Bones’ Sengoku period action drama about a runaway orphan boy who hires a mysterious, nameless ronin to protect him from Ming Dynasty assassins. Released this week on standard edition Blu-ray and DVD, this blood-soaked samurai film sports top-notch action scenes, seriously gorgeous animation and some surprisingly touching moments.

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