UK Anime Round-Up 16-22 July: Anime Limited gets a taste for blood

UK Anime Round-Up 16-22 July: Anime Limited gets a taste for blood

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A very naughty computer means that this week’s anime release round-up arrives to the party late, embarrassed and out-of-breath. Fortunately, though, there’s not a whole lot of anime to round up, with Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust being the only major new arrival.

Released by Anime Limited in standard Blu-ray and DVD editions, the Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust itself isn’t exactly new, of course. Written and directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri (Ninja Scroll, Wicked City) and made by Madhouse, the feature length horror flick premiered back in 2001, having been teased on the North American festival circuit the year before.

Produced following fan demand for a sequel to 1985 OVA Vampire Hunter D, Bloodlust follows half-human, half-vampire protagonist D’s mission to free the beautiful Charlotte Elbourne from clutches of bloodsucking baron Meier Link. Rival vampire hunters are also on the case in the shape of the notorious Marcus brothers, hired by Charlotte’s big brother. Will D win the race to rescue Charlotte and claim the reward money? And what if Charlotte doesn’t actually need rescuing after all…?

Joining Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust in stores this week is a re-issue of MVM’s six-DVD Desert Punk Collection, featuring all 24 episodes of studio Gonzo’s post-apocalypse action comedy charting the wasteland adventures of shotgun-wielding antihero Kanta Mizuno.

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