The Orville, season 2, first trailer

The Orville, season 2, first trailer

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…can’t type…too…excited…

Oddly enough, the new trailer for season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery had more humour in it…but there’s no denying that this looks like it’s going to rock. It’s clearly bigger, better and has a larger budget.

Wouldn’t it be funny if each respective show steered more toward how the other one used to be?

The show’s creator Seth MacFarlane has already said that he wants the show to lean less toward comedy…which we think is a bit of shame. There’s no doubt though that there will still be the trademark MacFarlane tension breaking jokes, punctuating some otherwise serious scenes.

Season 2 premieres on Sunday December 30th on Fox, in both the US and the UK, which is also only a few weeks before it’s thought season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery will air.

2019 is already looking good.

The show stars Seth MacFarlane (Capt. Ed Mercer), Adrianne Palicki (Cmdr. Kelly Grayson), Penny Johnson (Dr. Claire Finn), Scott Grimes (Lt. Gordon Malloy), Peter Macon (Lt. Cmdr. Bortus), Halston Sage (Lt. Alara Kitan), J. Lee (Lt. Cmdr. John LaMarr) and Mark Jackson as Isaac.

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