K-Music Week In Review Part 2: Seungri, KARD, Astro and more

K-Music Week In Review Part 2: Seungri, KARD, Astro and more

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With so many releases happening each week, we have split our weekly review into two articles to make things more convenient. Our Weekly K-music Review posts are here to give you a helping hand and a quick look back to the notable releases from Korean artists in a weekly format. This article looks at releases and comebacks from 23 – 25 July 2018.

Seungri – 1,2,3!
Released: 22 July

With members of Big Bang in the army and with the imminent enlisting date for the remaining members (which includes Seungri) it was a great time for Seungri to make a long-awaited solo comeback. Showing a completely new style and side to his entertainment values, Seungri shows just how much he has grown in his time away. Vocally he seems more stable and has great control of his voice, though there is some post-production editing on his voice. The music is upbeat and fun, with the video showing a great side to his playful personality. It’s a great release and we also recommend you listen to his new album as well.

Minseo – Zero
Released: 23 July

When the song starts, we were certain that we were watching the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics once again. It certainly made a statement, but as the song moved forward we were pleasantly surprised at what a feel-good and motivational song it turned out to be. With a great orchestral backing track mixed with a strong beat, and serenading us with her soft yet strong vocals, Minseo has released a fantastic and powerful song that is worthy of being the soundtrack to an anime. We are completely smitten with the mix of the classical and modern dance beat and would love to hear more like this. The video is simple, yet very poignant, with great camera work and use of colours.

Giriboy – Old Clothes Collection Box (FEAT. Kim Seungmin)
Released: 23 July

Giriboy is becoming a regular on our release charts, mainly because his releases have a great beat, great lyrics and a great rhythm. This is no different. Collaborating with Kim Seungmin, Giriboy has created a summer hip-hop song that would be great for those summer parties by the pool. Rapping with a great flow, an upbeat dance backing track, and easy to follow lyrics, this song hits all the right points.

Standing Egg – Oh, Wait!
Released: 23 July

It’s been so long since we have had a comeback from Standing Egg, and with their new release Oh, Wait! they certainly show their skills with an acoustic version of their new song. Incorporating sounds of nature and gradually flowing into the studio edit version of the song, it has a great happy-go-lucky feeling. Simplicity is a key thing with Standing Egg. Their music video and the music itself is simple, clean and sharp, yet done to such a high quality. There is something about Standing Egg’s songs that just make you want to stand up and clap your hands along to the beat. We wouldn’t be surprised to see them performing this at any summer festivals!

Super Junior D&E (Donghae & Eunhyuk) – Sunrise
Released: 23 July

After finishing their military enlistment, Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk have been busy with group activities, so it’s great to see the duo are back with a Japanese release. Though we can’t lie, we are still waiting patiently for their next Korean release. The music video is filled with great lighting, colourful aesthetics, and some great close-ups of the boys. Musically it’s an upbeat super summery song with an addictive dance and great vocals. Although this release isn’t that different from their previous songs, it’s great to see them taking a more serious route this time compared to their silly and funny releases of the past.

Astro – Always You
Released: 24 July

In terms of growth, Astro are moving at a fast pace and creating their own style that is recognisable to them. From their first release to now, things have been super sweet and flower boy in style, but this recent release shows a more manly and more powerful side to the group. The song has a certain keyboard sound clip that is hugely popular at the moment and is mixed with an upbeat lo-fi backing track. Vocally their harmonising has improved greatly, and it feels as if their voices have become a lot stronger. The music video is aesthetically pleasing and has some great cinematographic moments that include great architecture and colours.

NewKidd02 – Shooting Star
Released: 25 July

Being hyped up as one of the next best things to come from the K-pop universe, NewKidd02 bring a new sound along with their youth. Musically this is your typical K-pop song, an equal amount of greatly controlled vocals, a little bit of rapping, some high pitched notes and an addictive choreography. The music video certainly screams summer vibes and uses some clever blue screen tricks and post-production editing. For a new group, it is pretty hard at the moment to make an impression, but we feel the hype for this new group will definitely be well received.

KARD – Ride On The Wind
Released: 25 July

Keeping to their upbeat dance track record, KARD’s latest release is bound to get you out of your seat and dancing along to the entertaining beat. The music video is bright, fun, adventurous and looks like it was a blast to film. Vocally we feel that KARD has upped their game and practiced hard for this release, and the choreography is once again one of those dances where you think it’s easy to do until you try it. Wasn’t expecting too much from their comeback, as their previous songs all began to sound the same, but maybe because it’s summertime and their songs go really well with the heat and summer culture, this one has finally left a great impression.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the first article for this week’s K-music Review and be sure to join us in the future for more K-music Week in Reviews.

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