Hori to release Gamecube controllers for Nintendo Switch

Hori to release Gamecube controllers for Nintendo Switch

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Many would argue that the best way to play any of the Smash Bros. games is with a Gamecube controller.

Be it the comfortable feeling, the layout of the buttons or the C-stick for power attacks, players have been used to it since the game was popularised with the release of Melee on the Gamecube. Nintendo even released Super Smash Bros. Edition Gamecube controllers when the game made it to the Wii U. With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate set to arrive on Nintendo Switch this December, Hori has announced that they will release classic officially licensed Gamecube controllers for the Switch.

As reported on Silconera, Hori will release three variations of the controller: a red-blue Super Mario one, a yellow Pokémon Pikachu one and a black Legend of Zelda one. Nintendo will release their own Gamecube version in December, however, the Hori iterations have a textured grip and some additions you might want to consider.

In the middle there are Home and Screenshot buttons, as well as + and – buttons. In the very center there is a turbo button with three speed settings. There are also four shoulder buttons (L / ZL and R / ZR buttons) and each shoulder button is reassignable. However, Hori’s controllers are wired with a USB connection that needs to be connected to the Switch via its dock.

If you’re thinking of getting one (or all three), they are priced ¥3,218 each (around £22 / $29), Hori’s Gamecube controllers are released in Japan in October.

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