Dissidia Final Fantasy adds FF8’s Rinoa Heartilly

Dissidia Final Fantasy adds FF8’s Rinoa Heartilly

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Final Fantasy 8 heroine Rinoa Heartilly is about to join the roster in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, according to a reveal trailer uploaded to the Square Enix Japan YouTube channel.

Introduced in a way that will be immediately familiar to any fans of Final Fantasy 8‘s opening movie, the trailer then shows off part of Rinoa’s Marksman move set. Sure, using her wrist-mounted Blaster Edge weapon to ping projectiles at foes from afar is all well and good, but she can also summon Angelo to gnaw on her enemies with a quick whistle. Koei Tecmo has even recreated the infamous Angelo Cannon limit break, allowing her to catapult the helpful doggo directly at her foes in a fiery explosion. Aren’t video games spectacular sometimes?

There’s also a brief look at a second angelic form, for which she sprouts a set of white wings to glide across the battlefield and unleashes a number of powerful elemental magic attacks.

According to RPG Site, Rinoa will be added to the arcade version of Dissidia Final Fantasy on July 12 and then be available on the PS4 version Dissidia Final Fantasy NT later this August.

Rinoa is the third character to join Dissidia Final Fantasy NT as a post-launch DLC character, following Final Fantasy 12‘s Vayne Solidor and Final Fantasy 6‘s Locke Cole. The game itself is a solid and unique brawler, and great fun if you can team up with two other Final Fantasy fans, though it’s also marred by a few over-complexities and limited features, as we found in our review.

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