UK Anime Round-Up 4 June: A Fancy Ghost in a Snazzy Shell

UK Anime Round-Up 4 June: A Fancy Ghost in a Snazzy Shell

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We’ve already covered Manga Entertainment’s deluxe Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex complete series Blu-ray collection, but today’s the day the Zavvi-exclusive, 11-disc behemoth is released into the wild.

Limited to 1,000 copies and sporting newly-restored subtitles, this latest edition of Production I.G’s acclaimed cyberpunk series features all 52 episodes of Stand Alone Complex and sequel season 2nd GIG; movie-length OVAs The Laughing Man and Individual Eleven; 2006 film Solid State Society and a treasure trove of on-disc extras.

In addition to yer actual anime, the new GitS: SAC collection comes with an exclusive 140-page book featuring interviews, cast & crew profiles, episode breakdowns and more.

Also out today from Manga UK is the third instalment of Dragon Ball Super, with episodes 27-39 of Toei Animation’s hyper-powered action adventure giving us that evergreen shonen staple – the martial arts tournament. This particular contest is nothing less than a battle of universes, with Goku and the Z Fighters’ Universe 7 facing off against the badass bruisers of Universe 6, which is overseen by Beerus’ twin brother Champa.

Anime Limited gets in on the act this week too, bringing out A-1 Pictures fantasy Grimgar: Ashes & Illusions as a standard edition Blu-ray. We’ve given the show a full review if you fancy an in-depth look, but the short version is that it’s a ‘trapped in another world’ series that’s different – and good-looking – enough to be well worth your time.

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