Star Trek: Discovery phaser rifle replica available for pre-order

Star Trek: Discovery phaser rifle replica available for pre-order

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Production problems aside, the one thing Star Trek: Discovery can happily boast about is its high-quality production design. It should be able to, each episode is believed to cost in the region of $8million. That’s American, not Canadian.

The first port of call if you’re ever considering a Star Trek cosplay – or Battlestar Galactica, or Star Wars – is usually Anovos, and as you’d expect they’re all over Star Trek: Discovery with the Starfleet Captain’s Duty Uniform and the Officer’s Duty Uniform, both for men and women and a replica phaser pistol. There’s also the Science, Operations, Medical and Command magnetic insignia badges…and now a phaser rifle replica is available for pre-order.

Great attention has gone into the designs for Star Trek: Discovery, utilizing the styles of The Original Series between “The Cage” and “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” as much as possible and combining them with an updated, more modern look and feel.

The Starfleet phaser rifle from Discovery takes inspiration from Captain Kirk’s original rifle. The shape of the prop, its dimensions and especially its tri-barrel body are straight from 1965 (2265?), but translates that into something our modern sensibilities can believe today. It’s no easy task riding the line between the past and future, and that’s the job of Discovery prop master Mario Moreira.

And it’s yours for just $1,500 of your hard-earned.

Even the display stand is designed as a nod to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, home of Starfleet Headquarters.

The phaser rifle features a retractable butt-stock that locks, light-up setting selector, light-up emitters – which change color based on how the emitter nozzle is turned – functional tactical lights, and then amazingly improve upon that by adding enhanced features such as incorporating a functional OLED screen for the targeting scope that features an interactive playback element as a Heads-Up Display.

Pre-orders are open from now until June 30, 2018, with orders estimated to start this winter.

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