Mission: Impossible – Fallout new featurette shows Tom Cruise performing a Halo jump

Mission: Impossible – Fallout new featurette shows Tom Cruise performing a Halo jump

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Question: How do you keep your life interesting when you’re the world’s most famous movie star with an adrenalin addiction and a bank balance bigger than NASA’s annual budget?

Answer: Incorporate impressive stunts in your movies that you yourself train for and perform.

You remembering hearing ages ago that there was one stunt in the new Mission: Impossible – Fallout movie that Tom Cruise had been training for, for over a year? And you – like everyone else – scratched your head and thought “what kind of training did he do a for a year?!”

Was it some kind of whole new level of fitness he required as we all know he likes to run a lot in his movies? Nope.

Turns out he had to become a qualified helicopter stunt pilot. That’s the preparation he did for over 12 months. He’s already an accomplished fixed-wing pilot, heck, he even owns a restored P51 Mustang stored in a special hanger at Santa Monica airport. But for the mind-blowing camera angles involved in that scene…he’d have to be the only one in the cockpit.

For more about that, just watch this amazing featurette.

However, that wasn’t enough for Tom “Point Break” Cruise.

As this new featurette shows…he also trained and performed his own Halo jump – that’s an acronym for High Altitude, Low Opening – an extreme type of parachute jump that special forces use when deployed by air.

Navy SEALs routinely jump from over six miles up, that’s the same altitude passenger jets fly at, and freefall all the way down to only a few hundred feet before they open their chutes. This way they can minimize the chance of radar detection.

We wonder if Cruise will put the same effort into the new Top Gun sequel.

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