Fantasy Flight unveils co-op card game Heroes of Terrinoth

Fantasy Flight unveils co-op card game Heroes of Terrinoth

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Fantasy Flight Games has announced Heroes of Terrinoth, new a co-operative card game that sees 1-4 players take on the role of a party of heroes questing through a series of deadly, monster-ridden dungeons.

Slated for a Q3 2018 release, Heroes of Terrinoth is set in FFG’s favoured fantasy world of Terrinoth, which the company has also used for games such as Descent, Legacy of Dragonholt and the Runewars Miniature Game. The base game will feature 12 different heroes drawn from four fantasy archetypes – healer, warrior, mage and scout – who can level up over time, as well as eight perilous quests to pit them against.

While Heroes of Terrinoth is being positioned as a new game range, it also marks a reimplementation of the acclaimed but short-lived Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game, which like Forbidden Stars and Conquest, fell victim to the ending of FFG’s partnership with Games Workshop.

Not only does Heroes of Terrinoth sport the same designers as its unfortunately curtailed forebear, but the game also has the same basic mechanics – although co-creator Brady Sadler commented on BoardGameGeek that the new title will have ‘much more robust hero/class combinations and slight quest reworks’.

By marrying Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game’s core gameplay with its own fantasy IP of Terrinoth, Fantasy Flight will be in a position support the game system with regular expansion packs, albeit in a less iconic setting than Warhammer’s Old World.

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