Fallout 76, new featurette shows crafting mechanics

Fallout 76, new featurette shows crafting mechanics

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While most are excited by the prospect of a new addition to the Fallout franchise, many remain cautiously optimistic since the new, online-only, multiplayer-focused approach is quite different to what fans are used to.

Bethesda is probably well aware of this and it seems that the Maryland-based game company is going to use that time between now and the November 14th release date to allay fan fears and introduce them to many of the new elements of the game.

While this isn’t very different from what we saw in the recent featurette on the game, it goes into a little more detail on just how important crafting and building will be to your survival and that of your team.

It walks viewers through the game’s crafting and building mechanics known as C.A.M.P., for the Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform they’ll use to survive in the post-apocalyptic West Virginia wilderness.

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