Swery’s barmy life-sim-meets-RPG The Good Life successfully funded on Kickstarter

Swery’s barmy life-sim-meets-RPG The Good Life successfully funded on Kickstarter

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At the second time of asking, Deadly Premonition and D4 creator Swery has successfully reached the crowdfunding target for his weird and wonderful ‘debt repayment daily life RPG’ The Good Life.

Nope, it’s not an adaptation of the ’70s British sitcom, but an absolutely bonkers-sounding adventure/RPG. If you’re a fan of Swery’s previous work, then you should have a good idea of what to expect already.

You play as Naomi, a US journalist who moves to a small town in the UK called Rainy Woods, which is supposedly the happiest place to live on Earth. While there she has to earn money as a photographer in order to pay off a massive debt she owes back home but gets caught up in some of the town’s strange secrets in the process.

Not only is there a murder to solve, but she also discovers that during the night all of the townsfolk turn into cats and dogs. “Naturally, Naomi and the player will also turn into a cat or a dog,” says the game’s blurb. Yeah, we did say this one was a little peculiar!

Essentially, think of The Good Life as kind of a mix between Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing and The Sims, with some Lynchian aesthetics thrown in for good measure too.

If any of the above has you intrigued, you can still donate to the game’s Kickstarter for the next day or so to secure yourself a copy.

Developers Swery and Yukio Futatsugi, along with their teams at White Owls and G-rounding, hope to release The Good Life by November 2019 on PS4 and PC. A Switch version will also go into development if enough funds are raised.

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