Milla Jovovich to star in an upcoming Monster Hunter movie

Milla Jovovich to star in an upcoming Monster Hunter movie

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Recently, Capcom announced that this year’s Monster Hunter has become their biggest-selling game of all-time. Now, it seems they’re going to try and replicate that success on the big screen with a Monster Hunter movie starring Milla Jovovich.

The Fifth Element star is teaming up with Resident Evil film series writer/director Paul W. S. Anderson once again for Capcom’s beast-slaying action romp. Variety reports that the film will have a budget of around $60 million, with shooting set to take place in and around Cape Town, South Africa.

They also suggest that Monster Hunter is being envisioned as a whole new film series of its own, according to a statement from Constantin producer, Martin Moskowitz.

He also said that the company is still looking into the reboot of Resident Evil and that one possibility sees the series heading to TV. Whether you found the previous six entries to be bland rubbish or mildly enjoyable popcorn fodder, it looks like the shambling undead courtesy of Umbrella Corporation will be back on our screens soon enough.

While no release date for the Monster Hunter film was announced, it was confirmed that production would get underway later this September.

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