LEGO recreation of The Force Awakens wrecked Star Destroyer

LEGO recreation of The Force Awakens wrecked Star Destroyer

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The massive, wrecked Star Destroyer in the Jakku desert is without a doubt the most iconic image of the Star Wars: A New Hope remake, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It’s a beautiful encapsulation of the history that’s unfolded before the events of the movie.

And watching this YouTuber build his own wrecked Star Destroyer LEGO diorama is infinitely more entertaining than the end of result JJ Abram’s squandered $245,000,000.

In just two minutes, Grant Davis’s time-lapse shows him putting together an incredibly detailed Lego Star Destroyer interior, complete with ruined machinery and an intrepid Rey rappeling her way down.

Davis himself says…

“This is a recreation of a scene that is only on screen for a brief moment in Star Wars: The Force Awakens when we are first introduced to Rey and see her scavenging through a broken down Star Destroyer. I planned and started this build by myself, but by the end it turned into a full on Collab MOC with my good friend Eli Willsea. Total build time, photography, and editing for this MOC was just under 3 weeks in total, quite a short time frame for a build over 7 feet long!”

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