K-Music Week In Review Part 2: SHINee, BOL4, Pristin V and more

K-Music Week In Review Part 2: SHINee, BOL4, Pristin V and more

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With so many releases happening each week, we have split our weekly review into two articles to make things more convenient. Our Weekly K-music Review posts are here to give you a helping hand and a quick look back to the notable releases from Korean artists in a weekly format. This article looks at releases and comebacks from May  27 – 30 2018

J’kyun – I Seoul U
Released: May 27

The term I Seoul U is one used by the Korean Tourism Association as part of their promotional logos to invite people to love Seoul, but it also had a lot of backlash for sounding like a rude word when spoken fast. So to see J’Kyun using it as a song title along with the tongue-in-cheek lyrics and music video, I think we can assume that he is using the wordplay to express his own feelings. With an 80’s retro vibe and an experimental electronic addition, the song is catchy to say the least. Even if the video did make us scratch our heads.

Sung Si Kyung – Eternally
Released: May 27

One of the biggest legends of love songs and ballads in South Korea, Sung Si Kyung is finally back with a new release and is once again making everyone swoon with his stunning vocals. There is something about his voice that is equal parts haunting, alluring and mystical. He has such a nostalgic and personal sound that it’s hard to not like his music. A lot of his songs, this one included, sound like musical love songs like the classics everyone knows. Sung Si Kyung knows he is an amazing singer, and instead of going too far out of the box and trying to keep on trend with everyone else in 2018, Sung Si Kyung has stuck to his roots and carried on doing what he does best. And we are so thankful that he has. Don’t miss this beautiful song.

Pristin V – Get It
Released: May 28

Although Pristin has only recently debuted as a girl group, it seems that they wanted to push the group’s multiple talents by releasing their first sub-group Pristin V. Heading along the bad girl route, there is a carefree feeling and a sense of the girls letting themselves become the queens that they are. There is certainly a vicious under-vibe, possibly a feeling of boasting, and it’s certainly a release that will be competition for other girl groups. They may be a rookie group, but if they keep on the same track they are on now, we can see them getting more popular in the near future. A good song, good music video, but possibly a little bit predictable.

NTB – Dramatic
Released: May 28

NTB are new to the scene but are already showing their dominance in creating their own genre of nostalgic early 2000’s K-pop with the more recent trap and EDM genre. IF K-pop fans can remember early U-KISS or early BEAST songs and thoroughly enjoyed them, they will certainly have a liking towards NTB. Mixing pop, dance and rapping all in one, they present a fresh outlook to the future of the new generation of K-pop boy groups. The music video has a nice mix of fun and bright moments, mixed with the more serious and choreography-heavy segments. A good mix to keep the watcher entertained.

SHINee – Good Evening
Released: May 28

The kings are back, and we are so happy to see that they are continuing with their own sounds, artistic visuals and unique styling. There was a lot of anticipation with the latest album and single release, especially after the death of their much-loved member Jonghyun. One of the things we would like to point out is, in the beginning you see the four members sitting and standing, yet there is an empty chair to the righthand side. Also at the end of the song when the boys look into the well, look at the well wall on the lefthand side and you will see the shadow of a person. These are thought to be representations of Jonghyun, forever being a member of SHINee and showing their respects to him. The song is exactly what you would expect to hear from the group, and although at times you do wait to hear Jonghyun’s voice break through, we cannot deny how well the members have pulled together and created a song that is still 100% their own. We are very proud of them, and know all of their fans are too.

Joypark – Bonfire
Released: May 28

Are you looking for something different to the usual K-pop songs that are released day in and out? Then look no further, as this is one extremely fun, vibrant, and different song. Don’t let the opening put you off, be sure to listen through to the chorus for that beautiful 80’s dance track and voice clipping. It is certainly a rollercoaster ride both visually and in terms of the song as a whole, leaving you thinking you got yourself your typical indie-vibed song. Suddenly you’re thrown into the 80s clubbing scene and your nostalgia will kick in. We love it!

AOA – Bingle Bangle
Released: May 28

In true AOA style, they are back with a bop, and here to show their cute and fun side to their fans. Mixing geek pixel styles with their sexy summer outfits, the girls are here to take the lead for the 2018 summer song of the year. With an addictive choreography, catchy chorus, and cute vocals with that ultra K-pop sounding backing music, AOA are certain to steal hearts with this latest release.

Bol4 – Wind
Released: May 28

With hauntingly beautiful soft vocals BOL4 takes us on an enchanted journey of dreams and love. The music video stars newbie actor Ji Soo, and is reminiscent of the movie La La Land. You could also say the song is very reminiscent of the movie as well. If you’re wanting a great whimsical song that could take you away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life, then this is the one for you. A perfect song for the beginning of summer love stories.

South Club – Outcast
Released: May 30

Nam Taehyun has hit the charts for a second time this month, and this time with his band South Club. Setting their style as completely unique compared to other bands that are around within the Korean music industry, their careless and free form allows their music to hit the listener on a whole different level. There is an underlining retro feel to South Clubs releases, and this song is no exception. Nam Taehyun’s vocals truly compliment the band’s music and even gives a 70’s feeling to the song. The music video and styling also gives a That 70’s show feeling. We love it, and we certainly know you will too.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the first article for this week’s K-music Review and be sure to join us in the future for more K-music Week In reviews.

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