K-Music Week In Review Part 2: Cross Gene, Teen Top, Peppertones and more!

K-Music Week In Review Part 2: Cross Gene, Teen Top, Peppertones and more!

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With so many releases happening each week, we have split our weekly review into two articles to make things more convenient. Our Weekly K-music Review posts are here to give you a helping hand and a quick look back to the notable releases from Korean artists in a weekly format. This article looks at releases and comebacks from 7 April – 9 May 2018

Jeong Sewoon – There’s Something
Released: May 7

With new K-dramas there is a guarantee that at least one of the songs will turn into an instant hit. Luckily for Jeong Sewoon, it looks like his single There’s Something is the perfect song for the K-drama Wok Of Love. Soft, dreamy and elegant, Sewoon’s vocals are angelic and kind, which can leave the listener all loved up.

NaShow – Alligator (FEAT. Keikei)
Released: May 8

Taking the underground hip-hop scene by storm, NaShow has an aggressive and powerful rap rhythm that dominates most of the new rappers on the scene. Showing control of speed and lyrical expression, he certainly snaps like the jaws of an alligator. With the inclusion of KeiKei, whose raps are slightly softer but still on par with NaShow’s, there is a nice breaking point midway through the song.

Cross Gene – Touch It
Released: May 8

One of the most underrated boy groups in the K-pop world, Cross Gene are back with a reggaeton backing track and even more talent than before. With great choreography, and looks that could kill. The boys have certainly crossed the line of being rookies, and we can only hope to see them soar into the future. Upbeat, addictive, colourful and hypnotising, you don’t want to miss this release.

Teen Top – Seoul Night
Released: May 8

Making their big comeback just before they head on their European Tour, Teen Top are proving that they are still relevant to the K-pop scene with yet another great hit. Showing what a perfect night in Seoul is about, and showcasing the group’s matured and well-chiselled looks, they have shown that they have moved with the times and created a high tempo, upbeat EDM dance song that will instantly get you on your feet.

NCT 127 – Chain
Released: May 8

NCT as a whole are on a big roll, with their group promotions and their subunits such as NCT 127 making some huge comebacks, it’s no surprise that Chain is yet another well choreographed and performed song. The music video is still as puzzling and as artistic as their previous releases, but this time around the song features a lot more rapping. It’s certainly different, and it’s good to see that NCT is exploring paths in music that others turn their nose up at.

Spectrum – Light It Up
Released: May 8

A new boy group is on the block, and they are ready to Light It Up. There is a distinct mix of genres and styles within the song that not only goes really well together, but is the first time we have heard them mixed together so well. As a debut song, this is a very powerful start, and it looks like they could truly go far. They seem to have the talent, the choreography, the style and the looks. Another upbeat dance song with some great pause moments before the beat drops.

Peppertones – Long Journey’s End
Released: May 9

Fans of anime such as Your Name will definitely love this new song from the Peppertones. It certainly has that indie Japanese band sound that is used for a lot of anime openings and closings. Fun, soft, yet powerful with great vocals, the song is uplifting, fun, and a has a real feel good vibe about it. It’s been a while since we have seen anything from the Peppertones, so it’s honestly great to see them back in the charts.

Yong JunHyung – Go away
Released: May 9

Taking a side step from his group Highlight, Junhyung has come back with his latest single Go Away. A dance track that features his great rapping skills that he is well known for, but also contains some beautiful vocals which he has obviously practised hard for. The use of autotune really fits with the style of the song, and actually adds a robotic touch to the chorus, which is one of our favourite parts.

Once again this week has had some amazing releases, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the first article for this week’s K-music Review and be sure to join us in the future for more K-music Week In reviews.

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