In the year 2018, Devolver Digital is releasing a new SNES game

In the year 2018, Devolver Digital is releasing a new SNES game

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Once again living up to their reputation for making the barmiest business decisions known to man, anarchic indie mega-publisher Devolver Digital is going to be releasing a new SNES game. Erm, they do realise it’s 2018, right?

Yep, while the majority of the world is playing their games on PS4, Xbox One, Switch or PC, Devolver and Megacat Studios are bringing back the chunky cartridge with Fork Parker’s Crunch Out.

Before we get too carried away mocking the idea it’s important to point out that they haven’t lost the plot entirely, but will be releasing the game to support the game industry’s Take This charity. The entirety of Devolver Digital’s profits from the game will be donated to the organisation.

Take This was set up in 2013 by veteran video game journalists Russ Pitts and Susan Arendt to raise awareness for mental health issues in the industry, provide education about mental disorders and reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness. Without a doubt, a hugely worthwhile cause.

The game itself takes aim at the unhealthy practice of “crunch” in game development, which describes the period of time prior to a game’s release when employees are often required to work extremely long hours with minimal breaks in order to meet strict shipping deadlines. Not only does this drive people to exhaustion and threaten other health risks, but also forces them to spend less time with their families outside of the working environment.

In Fork Parker’s Crunch Out you take on the role of the titular CFO, employing all sorts of awful tactics to encourage your workforce to meet deadlines and continuously grind out new games. This involves everything from copious amounts of coffee to shock treatment. It’s a playful and (somewhat) exaggerated look at the issue, but not without a serious message behind it.

You can head over to the Megacat Studios site to pre-order Fork Parker’s Crunch Out for $49.99. You can also find out more about Take This or donate directly to the organisation on their official site.

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