Help save The Expanse

Help save The Expanse

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Last week, Syfy announced that the current third season of The Expanse would be the last one on the network, effectively canceling the show unless it can find some other venue. The show is being shopped to other networks, though there haven’t been any announcements yet.

In the meantime, producers, actors, show writers, and fans have gone into overdrive to try and save the series. The show’s writers – as well as original book series authors Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck (who write under the shared pseudonym James S. A. Corey)—have been tweeting under the hashtag #SaveTheExpanse, as well as sharing an online petition to get the show on Amazon or Netflix, which currently has over 60,000 signatures.

Fans even rented a plane to fly over Amazon Studios with a banner reading “Save The Expanse” to help revive the series.

Be it Belter, Martian or Earther, do your bit to help save The Expanse – the best sci-fi on TV since Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica.

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