Final Fantasy 14 patch 4.3 trailer reveals more of Ivalice

Final Fantasy 14 patch 4.3 trailer reveals more of Ivalice

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Final Fantasy 12 and Final Fantasy Tactics fans best calm yourselves. There’s some especially exciting footage within the latest trailer for Final Fantasy 14‘s upcoming patch 4.3, which will introduce the next chapter in the Return to Ivalice raid.

Also, is that Ashe and Rasler? Have a watch below and get speculating.

Outside all the Ivalice excitement, we also get a look at what sketchy Empire ambassador Asahi is up to next. After looking like a cool guy for an imperial envoy, he somewhat strangely revealed his nefarious grand plan to the Warrior of Light at the conclusion of the last patch’s story quests, completing undoing all the goodwill he’d built up until then. Whatever, man.

There’s also a brief glimpse at new dungeon and trial, plus the new randomly-generated Deep Dungeon, Heaven-on-High.

Patch 4.3: Under the Moonlight will also add new beast tribe quests with The Namazu, an Ultimate difficulty version of Ultima Weapon, the next adventure in Eureka, cross-world Linkshells and a host of other updates.

Meanwhile, Square Enix has also announced the location for next year’s European Fan Fest – it’ll be taking place at La Grande Halle de La Villette in Paris from February 2nd-3rd 2019. We also have all the info and dates on the upcoming Final Fantasy 14 Fan Festivals across the globe.

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