Stefan Kapicic: Colossus wants to meet his sister Illyana (Magik) in an upcoming movie

Stefan Kapicic: Colossus wants to meet his sister Illyana (Magik) in an upcoming movie

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Deadpool 2 has been a huge success, so it’s time we all started looking forward to either Deadpool 3 or an X-Force movie. But when Brianna Hildebrand and Stefan Kapicic were asked if we can expect a Deadpool 3, the pair looked at each other in a kind-of ‘can we talk about that?’ moment, raising a laugh from those in the press conference at MCM London Comic Con.

“Well, we have an extremely successful franchise. So there is rumours about X-Force, Deadpool 3, so we will see what’s going to happen and wait. We are not allowed to say anything,” Kapicic said, raising another hearty chuckle.

Photography by Shalimar Sahota

Speaking of successful franchises, Kapicic doesn’t think a Disney buyout of Fox would water down Deadpool’s X-rated nature.

“We’ll see. Those are the questions we definitely cannot answer because we don’t know what’s going to happen but this is a successful franchise so whoever takes it over, I don’t think they’re going to change anything. We don’t want that to be changed because Deadpool is Deadpool. It’s X-rated. You don’t want to destroy something that big and is making so much money. And you have to satisfy the fans, so if they make that mistake they’re going to have to fight dirty,” he said, referencing a line from Deadpool 2.

Given that further cinematic outings for Deadpool definitely seem like a thing (colour us excited!), it was interesting to see if there’s anything from the comics featuring Negasonic Teenage Warhead or Colossus that the pair would like to see on screen.

“Personally I have not [read ahead in the comics] so I can’t answer that question,” Hildebrand said. But self-confessed comic-book geek Kapicic had some firm ideas of what he’d like to bring to the Deadpool or X-Force franchises.

“I’m waiting for Colossus to meet his sister Illyana, Magik. And New Mutants are coming next year so I’m hoping you’ll have the Rasputins back together again in a new movie,” he said. “But I’m really counting on that. That will be really fantastic to see.”

Kapicic also said he would you like to see Kitty Pryde back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as the couple are romantically linked in the comics.

“Of course. They’re getting married on 20 June in the comic books, I don’t know if you heard about that?” he joked. “But there are some rumours and there’s the Kitty Pryde solo movie. As I said with the sister, that’s something I’d love to see.”

As for other things on his wish list, Kapicic would love to go toe-to-toe with the current big bad laying waste to the MCU in Avengers: Infinity War.

“I want to fight Thanos. Which would be weird because we have Thanos playing Cable, with Josh Brolin. But CGI can do a lot.”

Not that he isn’t already fulfilling his comic-book dreams: “The most beautiful thing for me as a comic-book geek is that I got to fight Juggernaut. And getting to say the line, ‘Pick on someone your own size.’ As a comic-book geek just saying it is beautiful.”

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