Cultist Simulator is a delightfully dark digital card game

Cultist Simulator is a delightfully dark digital card game

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Have you ever thought you’d be any good at running your own cult? Well, now you can find out for reals. Cultist Simulator turns the act of devoting yourself to ancient eldritch thoughts and beings into a Lovecraftian strategy game where you must balance your mystical pursuits with your own survival – and it’s out today on PC.

The debut game from Weather Factory – comprised of ex-Failbetter Games duo Alexis Kennedy and Lottie Bevan – presents your ascent into enlightenment (or descent into madness) across a cool tabletop covered in cards and actions. You can work to earn money to keep you fed, explore the spooky streets of London in the 1920s to uncover occult activity, hone your knowledge by studying ancient tomes, lose yourself to your desires in dreams and much more.

At first, plonking different cards into the various possible actions is an experimental exercise in finding out what does or doesn’t work, but soon you’ll be able to wrap your head around the game’s methods. It is a fascinating learning experience: the mysteries of its mechanics slowly unfurling and revealing themselves as you also wade deeper into the murky depths of the arcane secrets you’re hoping to unlock.

Soon enough you’ll have a loyal collection of followers willing to pursue your chosen divine calling while weary detectives attempt to put a stop to your dangerous schemes if you draw too much attention. There is a strong chance you will succumb to miserable failure, but a new subject, with perhaps a different role or perspective, is ready to answer the call all over again.

It’s all supported by Kennedy’s enigmatic and flavourful writing style, something Fallen London and Sunless Sea players will find very familiar. It fits perfectly, creating an otherworldly atmosphere of fascination, confusion, dread and morbid curiosity.

If any of that heady mix sounds the least bit intriguing then Cultist Simulator is available now on PC from Steam, GOG, Humble and Purchase the game during the first week of sale and you’ll get the Perpetual Edition, which includes all forthcoming DLC for free.

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