The Last Starfighter reboot in works from Rogue One writer

The Last Starfighter reboot in works from Rogue One writer

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On Twitter, Rogue One and Book of Eli screenwriter Gary Whitta dropped a bit of a bombshell – he’s working with Jonathan Betuel, the writer of The Last Starfighter, to finally try and reboot it for the big screen.

Whitta just nonchalantly revealed the project as “a little something” he’s been working on with Betuel, alongside four gorgeous pieces of concept art depicting the iconic ships from Nick Castle’s beloved 1984 classic, as rendered by Rogue One lead concept artist Matt Allsopp.

There’s literally nothing else to go on right now, other than the fact that Whitta and Betuel are in the early stages of getting a reboot off the ground – something Hollywood has been trying to do for quite some time. Even Steven Spielberg has expressed an interest in rebooting this…and why not, it’s perfect.

Speaking to io9, Whitta said:

“It’s always been one of my all-time favorites. It is a deeply special movie for me. In terms of movies that stirred my imagination as a kid, it’s right up there with Star Wars. Maybe because I was a video game junkie back then, but the idea that playing a game could be a magic ticket to a real space adventure, I just always thought that concept was utterly brilliant. The film is sorely underrated in my view, although it’s endured as a cult classic and every time I bring it up in conversation people seem to just light up. There’s a tremendous undercurrent of fondness out there for it.”

Indeed. And if you need a reminder of how much fondness there is for it out there, just watch this amazing fan video…

YouTube user Tim Gonzales made a modern trailer for the 1984 movie, interestingly it didn’t perform too well in the cinema but became a cult hit on video. Weirdly, it didn’t get a reference in Ready Player One. Oh well.

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